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Our graduate program incorporates a six-month rotation around several Engineering teams. The actual rotation is selected based on the candidate’s skills, experience and aspirations. While you start with one engineering team, your opportunities will be throughout the engineering structure and you'll work with commercial side to get exposure to the whole business.

This is not just a grad program, this is the start of your engineering career. Engineers at Rokt are not afraid of a challenge; we thrive on using our creativity and delivering suitable solutions. Review the teams below and find where your true passion lies.

Platform team

As part of the Rokt Platform team, you will be contributing to a complex web application and related backend services that enable our internal teams and our clients to create, manage and report on their Rokt campaigns and integrations.If microservices and full-stack development using C#, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Angular is your thing, you've found your place.

Presentation Engine team

In the Presentation Engine team, you will be working on our front-line, globally distributed, scalable presentation system that delivers the content and collects the billions of consumer interactions that occur on the Rokt network.The Widget System employs C#, Javascript, Kotlin, React, Swift, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQS, Kinesis and AWS Lambdas. These will be the tools with which you craft your work.

Data Integration team

As part of the Data Integration team, you will be developing the system that delivers leads to our customers and provides functionality for our advertisers and partners to manage their own data within the Rokt platform. If you have an interest in functional programming, and would like to spend your days crafting Clojure with a PostgreSQL backend, this team is what you're looking for.

Data Engineering team

As a Data Engineering team member, you will be tasked with building new systems to handle our growing data challenges, both to replace legacy data systems, as well as harnessing the myriad AWS technology options to meet our ever growing data-processing and warehousing requirements. Want to get exposure to DynamoDB, Lambda, Redshift, Kinesis, EMR, Spark and the like, and have a penchant for all things functional? Look no further.

Machine Learning team

As a Machine Learning team member, you will be contributing to a number of systems that improve the efficiency of the Rokt platform and maximize Rokt’s revenue. We want to hear your ideas on beating our existing models or new features that could improve existing models. You are expected to transform ideas to high-quality source code (e.g. Python, SQL, Clojure, Java). If you are passionate about mining knowledge from data then join us.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • Demonstrable knowledge of data structures and basic algorithms
  • Applications must include a tailored cover letter, resume and copy of your academic transcript.

In your cover letter, please outline which team(s) you are most interested in joining (and why). You should also include links to any personal projects / GitHub repositories in your resume. Roles start in 2021 - limited slots available


We’re looking for enthusiastic Graduate Software Engineers at Rokt. You’ve studied hard, completed labs, had some experience and now you’re ready to start coding and ship. With Rokt we’ll give you the tools, support and environment to get straight into coding. You will join a team of experienced engineers who are passionate about writing world class code.

In your first week you’ll have your first task, your first month, you will have completed a number of fixes and features (at least one of which will be in production), started peer-reviewing your colleagues’ code, participate in team task estimations and a growing understanding of your team's systems. By the end of your first year you will have led design workshops, started to master a handful of technologies and taken primary responsibility for a small system (or a component in a larger system).






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