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Awesome Artificial Intelligence

A curated list of artificial intelligence resources (Courses, Tools, App, Open Source Project)

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  1. Courses
  2. Artificial Intelligence Company & Reseach Institute
  3. Artificial Intelligence Tools
  4. Books
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  7. Events and Conferences


  • Machine Learning - Stanford University This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition. Taught by: Andrew Ng
  • MIT Artifical Intelligence Videos - MIT This course includes interactive demonstrations which are intended to stimulate interest and to help students gain intuition about how artificial intelligence methods work under a variety of circumstances.
  • Machine Learning - Basic machine learning algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing - University of Oxford This is an applied course focussing on recent advances in analysing and generating speech and text using recurrent neural networks.
  • Tensorflow for Deep Learning Research -Stanford University This course will cover the fundamentals and contemporary usage of the Tensorflow library for deep learning research. We aim to help students understand the graphical computational model of Tensorflow.
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing -Stanford University Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most important technologies of the information age. Understanding complex language utterances is also a crucial part of artificial intelligence. Applications of NLP are everywhere because people communicate most everything in language: web search, advertisement, emails, customer service, language translation, radiology reports, etc.
  • Machine Learning - Cornell University This course will introduce you to technologies for building data-centric information systems on the World Wide Web, show the practical applications of such systems, and discuss their design and their social and policy context by examining cross-cutting issues such as citizen science, data journalism and open government. Course work involves lectures and readings as well as weekly homework assignments, and a semester-long project in which the students demonstrate their expertise in building data-centric Web information systems.
  • Deep Learning Explained - Microsoft This course provides the level of detail needed to enable engineers / data scientists / technology managers to develop an intuitive understanding of the key concepts behind this game changing technology.
  • Machine Learning: Regression - University of Washington In our first case study, predicting house prices, you will create models that predict a continuous value (price) from input features (square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms,...). This is just one of the many places where regression can be applied.
  • Machine Learning: Clustering & Retrieval - University of Washington A reader is interested in a specific news article and you want to find similar articles to recommend. What is the right notion of similarity? Moreover, what if there are millions of other documents? Each time you want to a retrieve a new document, do you need to search through all other documents? How do you group similar documents together? How do you discover new, emerging topics that the documents cover?
  • Neural Networks for Machine Learning -University of Toronto with Geoffrey Hinton Learn about artificial neural networks and how they're being used for machine learning, as applied to speech and object recognition, image segmentation, modeling language and human motion, etc. We'll emphasize both the basic algorithms and the practical tricks needed to get them to work well.
  • Machine Learning With Big Data -University of California, San Diego Need to incorporate data-driven decisions into your process? This course provides an overview of machine learning techniques to explore, analyze, and leverage data. You will be introduced to tools and algorithms you can use to create machine learning models that learn from data, and to scale those models up to big data problems.


  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence -UC Berkeley This course will introduce the basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. A specific emphasis will be on the statistical and decision-theoretic modeling paradigm.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence -Cornell University The design of systems that are among top 10 performers in the world (human, computer, or hybrid human-computer).
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Columbia University with Professor Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi This course will provide a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems and an understanding of how AI is applied to problems.


  • Advanced Robotics -UC Berkeley The course introduces the math and algorithms underneath state-of-the-art robotic systems. The majority of these techniques are heavily based on probabilistic reasoning and optimization---two areas with wide applicability in modern Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Company & Research Institute


  • Arago/HIRO — optimise and autonomously IT and business operations
  • Arimo — solution to help predict customer activity and fraud
  • Ayasdi — a suite of intelligent applications for enterprise
  • DataRobot — a range of products to improve enterprise products
  • Dataminr — discovers events and breaking information before the news
  • Einstein — a smarter Salesforce
  • Fuzzy AI — adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile apps
  • — helps you index, search, visualise and analyse your data
  • NXT AI — is a framework for temporal pattern recognition and prediction
  • Paxata] — to transform raw data into useful information automatically
  • — helps you monitor server bugs
  • Sundown — automates repetitive tasks within your business
  • UBIX — making complex data science easy for enterprise


  • Geometric Intelligence  - Geometric Intelligence apart of the Uber AI Labs
  • kaggle - a platform for predictive modelling and analytics competitions in which companies and researchers post data and statisticians and data miners compete to produce the best models for predicting and describing the data


  • Boston Dynamics - an engineering and robotics design company that is best known for the development of BigDog
  • iRobot - manufacturer of the famous robotic vacuum cleaner
  • DJI - industry leader in drones for both commerical and industrial needs.
  • Fetch Robotics - The future of e-commerce fulfillment and R&D robots.
  • ABB Robotics - the largest manufacturer of industrial robots
  • Aldebaran Robotics - creator of the [NAO robot
  • FANUC - industrial robots manufacturer with the biggest install base
  • Rethink Robotics - creator of the collaborative robot [Baxter]


  • — advanced tools needed to build conversational user interfaces
  • Chatfuel — build a Facebook chatbot without coding
  • — add voice and chat API to websites and apps
  • Conversica — conversational interfaces to help get more sales
  • EDDI — create, test and deploy chatbots
  • FPT AI Platform — automated interaction with end-users
  • — natural language interpretation tool for developers
  • Gong — analyses and improves sales conversations and discovery calls
  • Kasisto — conversational AI platform for the finance industry
  • KITT.AI — create conversational agents using a visual interface
  • Maluuba — teaching machines to think, reason and communicate
  • Massively — build chatbots for business
  • Meya — build, train and host bots in one platform
  • MindMeld — improved version of Siri
  • Motion AI — chat bots made easy
  • — chatbot with management dashboard
  • Octane AI — marketing automation for messaging
  • OpenAI Gym — open source interface to reinforcement learning tasks
  • Orbit — tools to help to help automate conversational AI
  • Pool — personal assistant that helps you get more work done
  • Recast — collaborative platform to build, train, deploy intelligent bots
  • — platform to build and manage your conversational strategy
  • Semantic Machines — conversational AI for work, travel, shop and play
  • Snips — add a voice Assistant to your connected product
  • Servo — full spectrum bot and voice which integrates with existing systems
  • — using the Swarm Intelligence (group brainpower) for chatbots
  • Unify — e-commerce chatbot
  • uTu — multi-channel bot analytics and data management
  • Wechaty - Wechaty is a Bot Framework for Wechat Personal Account which can help you create a bot
  • — easily create text or voice based bots for preferred platform
  • Wysh — enterprise scale chatbot with payment methods
  • Zero AI — voice interface that understands meaning, intent and context


  • BigML — single platform for all predictive use cases
  • CrowdFlower — helps with sentiment analysis, search relevance, and more
  • Dataiku — data science platform for prototype, deploy, and run at scale
  • DataScience — enterprise data science platform for R&D and production
  • Domino Data Lab — platform for collaborating, building and deploying
  • Kaggle — helps you learn, work, and play with machine learning models
  • RapidMiner — makes data science teams more productive
  • Seldon — helps DS teams put machine learning models into production
  • SherlockML — a platform to build, test, and deploy AI algorithms
  • Spark — research engine, capable of discovering complex patterns in data
  • Tamr — makes data unification of data silos possible
  • Trifacta — helps put data into useful structures for analysis
  • Yhat — allows data scientists to deploy and update predictive models rapidly
  • Yseop — automate the writing of reports, websites, emails, articles and more


  • AnOdot — detects business incidents
  • Bonsai — develop more adaptive, trusted and programmable AI models
  • — helps predict project timelines
  • — adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile apps
  • IBM Watson — AI platform for business
  • Gigster — connecting projects with the right team
  • Kite — augments your coding environment with web available knowledge
  • Layer 6 AI — deep learning platform for prediction and personalisation
  • Morph — makes developing chatbots for your business easy
  • Ozz — make your bot smarter, by helping it self learn
  • RainforestQA — rapidly web and mobile app testing
  • SignifAI — increase server uptime and predict downtime
  • Turtle — project management and chat software that’s easy for teams


  • Vinli — turns any car into a smart car


  • Docubot — can advise you on legal issues
  • Driveway — tracks and rewards safe drivers

Artificial Intelligence Tools


  • Amazon Echo / Alexa — everyday personal assistant for in-home
  • Apple Siri — everyday personal assistant on iPhone and Mac
  • Brin — helps you make smarter business decisions
  • Chatfuel — create a Facebook chatbot in 7 minutes
  • Findo — smart search assistant across email, files and personal cloud.
  • Fembot — your AI girlfriend
  • Fin — a powerful personal assistant
  • Focus — helps you focus, get tasks done and prioritise your day
  • Gatebox — a holographic anime assistant in an espresso machine
  • Google Assistant — everyday personal assistant
  • Howdy - a friendly, trainable bot that helps Slack teams with work
  • Hound — everyday personal assistant
  • Julie Desk — meeting scheduling assistant (aimed at C-Suite)
  • Kono — meeting scheduling assistant
  • Lifos — dynamic independent entities that interact with the web and social
  • Ling — similar to Amazon Echo
  • Luka — chatbot messenger for people and other chatbots
  • Lyra — monitor analyse your carbon emissions
  • Magic - Magic is a special phone number you text to get anything you want, hassle free
  • Microsoft Cortana - Cortana is a voice-controlled virtual assistant for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1. Comparable to Siri, the intelligent assistant enabled on Apple devices, Microsoft's Cortana will use the Bing search engine and data stored on the user's smartphone by to make personalized recommendations
  • MyWave - Melbourne-based which makes a personal call
  • Meeco - Sydney-based, a robot lawyer
  • Mimetic — meeting scheduling assistant
  • My Ally — handles meeting scheduling and manages calendar
  • Mycroft — is the world’s first open source voice assistant
  • myWave — chatbot to help you throughout your daily life
  • Remi— like Siri with an interface
  • Replika— your AI friend that you raise through text conversations
  • SkipFlag — automatically discover and organise your work
  • Spoken — virtual assistant with an interface
  • Vesper — virtual assistant aimed at C-Suite
  • Viv — like Siri but 10x better
  • — is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you
  • — personal assistant to help you at work


  • Thirdleap — helps children to learn maths
  • Woogie — the conversational AI robot that makes learning and discovery fun for children
  • XiaoJing Bot - XiaoJing Bot to support management of wechat groups and remove members of wechat group


  • Abi — your virtual health assistant
  • Ada — can help if you’re feeling unwell
  • Airi — personal health coach
  • — helps you care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s
  • Bitesnap — food recognition from meal photos to help count calories
  • — makes lab results easy to understand
  • Gyan — helps you go from symptoms to likely conditions
  • Joy — helps you track and improve your mental health
  • Kiwi — helps you to reduce and quit smoking
  • Tess by X2AI — therapist in your pocket
  • — diagnose snoring and tooth grinding


  • Ada — chatbot that helps you navigate and make decisions
  • Emma — automatically calculates and adds meeting travel time
  • ETA — helps you manage travel itineraries and meetings
  • HelloGbye — book complex trips with simple speech
  • Mezi —helps with booking flights, hotels, restaurant reservations and more
  • Nexar — dash cam app that helps you drive safer
  • Ready — traffic forecaster and travel time prediction
  • Spatial — reveal the social layer of cities


  • Abe — fast answers about your finances
  • Andy — a personal Tax Accountant
  • Ara — helps you budget
  • Bond — helps you achieve your financial goals
  • Mylo — rounds up your everyday purchases and invest the spare change
  • Olivia — helps you manage your finances
  • Responsive — institutional-grade active portfolio management
  • Roger — helps you pay bills easily
  • — AI lending chatbot



  • Aerial — home activity, movement and identity sensor
  • — smart-home platform focused on speech and sound
  • Cubic — one place to connect your smart home devices
  • Grojo — grow room controller and monitoring system
  • Home — autonomous home operations with connected devices
  • Hello — helps you monitor and improve your sleep
  • Josh — whole house voice control
  • Mycroft — is the world’s first open source voice assistant
  • Nanit — baby monitor that measures sleep and caregiver interactions
  • Nest — a range of in-home devices such as Thermostat, security and alarms


  • Apollo — breaks down articles and PDF’s into quick, readable dot points
  • — helps you research by summarising articles and search ability
  • Iris — helps you research and visualise concepts in research papers


CaptionBot — Microsoft describes any photo — crowdfunding platform for AI projects
Fieldguide — universal field guide that suggests possible matches


  • Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction - This introductory textbook on reinforcement learning is targeted toward engineers and scientists in artificial intelligence, operations research, neural networks, and control systems, and we hope it will also be of interest to psychologists and neuroscientists.








  • Twitter-text - Twitter's text processing library
  • natural - General natural language facilities for node
  • Clustering.js - Clustering algorithms implemented for Node.js and the browser
  • Kmeans.js - Implementation of the k-means algorithm, for node.js and the browser
  • sylvester - Vector and Matrix math for JavaScript.
  • DN2A - Digital Neural Networks Architecture
  • Knwl.js - A Natural Language Processor in JS
  • NLP Compromise - Natural Language processing in the browser
  • science.js - Scientific and statistical computing in JavaScript.
  • Machine Learning - Machine learning library for Node.js
  • machineJS - Automated machine learning, data formatting, ensembling, and hyperparameter optimization for competitions and exploration.
  • Node-fann - FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network Library) bindings for Node.js






  • AI Weekly — a weekly collection news and resources on AI and ML
  • Approximately Correct — AI and Machine Learning blog
  • Axiomzen — AI newsletter delivered every 2 weeks
  • — AI commentators
  • — dedicated to making the power of deep learning accessible to all
  • — dedicated news and updates for ML and AI
  • Machine Learning Weekly — a hand-curated newsletter ML and DL

Events and Conferences

  • The AI Conference — an annual event where leading AI researchers and top industry practitioners meet and collaborate
  • The AI Forum — Montreal based AI conference
  • Artificial Intelligence Conference — Bootstrap Labs Venture firm
  • — the one stop shop for AI/ML/DL events and conferences
  • — game AI conference and courses
  • Chatbot Summit - Chatbot Summit Berlin is the second international Chatbot Summit destined to bring together the leading players of the newly formed Chatbot economy


  • Amsterdam —  AI community and events

  • Berlin —  AI community and events

  • Beijing - AI community and events

  • Brisbane - AI community and events

  • Hamburg —  AI community and events

  • Hongkong —  AI community and events

  • London —  AI community and events

  • Madrid —  AI community and events

  • Melbourne - AI community and events

  • Milan —  AI community and events

  • New York —  AI community and events

  • Oslo —  AI community and events

  • Seattle —  AI community and events

  • Shanghai —  AI community and events

  • Shenzhen —  AI community and events

  • Singapore —  AI community and events

  • Stockholm —  AI community and events

  • Sydney - AI community and events

  • Chatbots NYC - Meetup in New York City

  • Viv — like Siri but 10x better

  •— meeting scheduling assistant

  • — personal assistant to help you at work



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