Advantage Air

Consumer Goods
Advantage Air is an air conditioning company first founded in Perth, Australia more than 25 years ago. Since our humble beginnings, we have been researching, designing and manufacturing air-conditioning systems and aircon management systems specifically to suit harsh Australian weather conditions. Our leading air management system, MyAir, is made to the highest specifications and zones every room independently, allowing individual room temperature control and the ability to run the system in only the rooms you are using. It is controlled from an 8-inch touch screen or app that enables you to control your aircon from anywhere in the world. Here at Advantage Air we stand behind our Aussie made and Aussie tough air conditioning systems. The work done by our qualified team of 10 full time R&D engineers has resulted in 6 patents, 24 registered designs, 2 innovation patents, 4 trademarks and 2 design marks, proving our commitment to developing world leading and ecologically sound air conditioning systems now and into the future.