Furō was founded by John Tran and Hung Dinh in 2019 to help organisations streamline their business and operations with modern ways of working. Leveraging Agile, Lean and DevOps principles, our mission is to help organisations do what they do, better, so that they can provide better value for their customers. The name Furō is a Japanese word which means “flow”. For us, this perfectly embodies our goal to improve the flow of how things get done in an organisation, removing bottlenecks and obstacles to enable free and efficient progress. John and Hung have over 30 years experience between them working for Tier 1 global consulting firms to shape and deliver complex business and technology solutions. They met while working for Accenture in 2007 on one of Australia’s largest IT transformation programmes. Since then, John and Hung have constantly been looking for new ways to help their clients work better and deliver more value, leveraging Agile ways of working with DevOps solutions. Fast forward 12 years, Furō was launched with the vision of creating a company with the right culture from the ground up to enable us to serve and support our customers better.


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