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Upstreet facilitates a fractional share reward program between companies (public and private) and their customers. For example, when a customer makes a purchase of $100, they can be rewarded with $5 in fractional shares. OUR BRANDS Currently, we have over 100 Australian and international brands for customers to shop from. Customers can shop from these brands through the Upstreet App and Google Chrome Extension. Customers simply link their Visa/MasterCard and/or bank account to the free Upstreet App and start earning fractional share rewards. WHAT WE DO At Upstreet, we are passionate about what we do because we serve both companies and customers. By facilitating a share reward program we: 1) Assist companies in achieving “True Loyalty” with their customers, leading to improved sales. 2) Provide an easy, smart and exciting way for customers to earn shares as they shop, at no extra cost. WHOM WE SERVE Upstreet serves public/private companies, in various industries and business models, e.g., B2B, B2C, B2B2C and DtC. RESEARCH SHOWS Independent research shows that customer share rewards can increase sales. Customer stockholders: - Purchase 34% more products from that company - Purchase 30% more frequently from that company - Are 33% less likely to buy from competitors - Have a better sentiment towards the company (e.g., higher NPS) To check out our whitepaper go to: REACH OUT Are you in a highly commoditised, competitive market or have high churn rates? If so, Upstreet can help! Reach out to us at Download the App: Download the Chrome Extension: Email us at:

Financial Services



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